The classic quality control model, based on collecting samples, sending them to the laboratory and waiting for results, is challenged by new instrumentation that is able to get the analytical answers in the field. Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy is used widely in determining product quality.

Because FT-IR spectrometers were delicate instruments, FT-IR only resided in the controlled environment of an analytical laboratory. Recently, this changed. Now a robust FT-IR spectrometer and sample interface is available and analyses can be done on-site. The molecular signature of every incoming raw material can be recorded and compared where and when it is needed. The new instrumentation is simple to operate and produces reliable answers. No waiting for results, no holding areas for materials waiting to be analyzed and no competing for laboratory time and personnel.
Both the instrumentation and examples of applications will be presented. This new technology is taken onto the floor to spot-check ingredients and assure quality products.

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